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I'm a musician and a poet among other things. You're a human. I'm a human. We have so much in common already. Feel free to talk to me.
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it’s like an axe

chopping at the roots of the tree

that twist from my mind

and I hate it

I feel so ill

and the feeling fills

my throat up

but mine is an empty stomach

you know

you know

you know

it’s like a never ending record scratch





my spine

and my fists need to clench and I need

to cry

- Weston Malone

my head hurts my head hurts and i feel sick. and scared. i can’t tell why, honestly. i feel weak and like shivering and i’m not cold.  and like just not moving.

I feel like I’m being


but to what end?

this nagging

and biting at my mind

my weakness

so fragile

I’ve noticed

the wisps

of sanity

steadily floating away from my 

robes of security

- Weston Malone


in unhealthy wakefulness

bloodshot to the tear ducts

that stream (scream)

ever so silently

my mind ails

before it fails

goes off the rails

causes my hands to shake

can’t hold onto my pen

all i wanted

was to be like you

- Weston Malone

oh, coffee’s done by the way. it’s pretty good. bout to go outside for a walk with some and think about ideas for more poetry. :D for you guuuuys.


mind puzzles

puzzling up their 

puzzled selves

with ideas like rats

and mice

to reach the finish


but can’t remember where

to go


- Weston Malone


I did a poem/picture. :D


I did a poem/picture. :D

You should know

your eyes are bright


in the lowest of light

but they cloud over

like creamer in coffee


hasn’t been stirred completely

- Weston Malone

“You don’t have to feel anything to make art.”

—    WM

Nevermind, I don’t need any of you to make my decisions for me. I just want you to be involved in my life and you reject me. All I do is care.

Should I make coffee and write things?


it was for the best

but I can’t help but look back

and wonder

how much regret

if any

that I’d have

if I hadn’t let go

- Weston Malone

If I was a structure

- so broad,

so tall,

so strong,

and with room within me

to harbor others 

and fill them with safety

while they filled my emptiness -

I might find that I was fulfilled

in my purpose


content with my place

- Weston Malone

i felt

the cage closing

in on us

you looked up

to see what i meant

but only saw the moon

- Weston Malone