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I'm a musician and a poet among other things. You're a human. I'm a human. We have so much in common already. Feel free to talk to me.
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Here is the Imperfection EP!!!!! :D


Here is the Imperfection EP!!!!! :D

The Imperfection EP is uploading right now!

Release for the Imperfection EP!! :) TONIGHT!

Hey guys, sorry about the delay for the releases!! I’ll be releasing the acoustic EP Imperfection tonight, and very soon. :) stay tuned!

There is a slight chance that some of my music will be released to night! Fingers crossed. :)

I hate having nothing but my phone for internet.

So there’s been some delay for the album release. I lost internet connection at my house and i don’t know for how long. Sorry. :/

Today is the release day for the album and ep!

Today is the release day for the album and ep!

Sleeper’s Eye

This is the title for the electronic album that will be released. :) tracklist tomorrow.

Imperfection EP

This is the title of my acoustic EP which will be released on Thursday. :)

The tracklist is as follows (with links provided for songs I’ve already put out):

With Me

Little Hurts

Drop Down

Just Think

Fortress of Solitude

Tomorrow i’ll release the names of the acoustic ep and electronic album as well as the tracklists they will feature some songs i’ve already posted. :)

Release date! And then some. :)

Hey guys. :) just wanted to let you know that the release date for my electronic album and acoustic ep will be Thursday. It will completely free and I may be giving out some physical copies at some point just for fun. :)
In other news, I’m going to be working on the idea for the all arts compilation thing I had mention about a month ago in which I’ll have any independent artists submit their work to me. :) it will be either a monthly or weekly release to celebrate all forms of art from music, to visual (including video), to literature. :) I’m excited for this and I want you to be a part of it.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to message me! Thank you and have a great day! :D

I’m back!! The album and ep will be released next week. :)

My electronic album and acoustic ep are finished and ready to be released when i get back next week!